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Is Your Financial Plan Up-to-Date?

October 19, 2017 by Ed Becker

Fall is here, and all around there is a bustle as nature prepares for the winter.  Perhaps this is a good time of year too, for you to meet with your accountant, and make sure that you have enough squirreled away for your future.  It is a good idea to scrutinize your financial plan at […]

Freelancers, Could You Use More Work?

October 17, 2017 by Ed Becker

Being your own boss, setting your own hours and pay scale, and possibly working from home are but some of the positives of being a freelancer.  As attractive as all the benefits may seem, according to the 2017 State of Free Lance Writing survey the number one concern for freelancers was “finding enough work”. Intuit […]

Is Excel the Best Inventory Tracking Tool for You?

October 13, 2017 by Ed Becker

Are you still using Excel to track your inventory?  Even though it is tried and true and has never failed you in the past – your inventory tool may no longer be the best available way to optimize your small business’s profit margins. Some of you may have been using Excel since it first came […]

Outsource Your Books, LLC Expands to New Jersey

October 11, 2017 by OSYB Staff

Effective October 1, 2017, Outsource Your Books (OSYB), LLC has acquired the practice of CDS Bookkeeping Service, LLC of Teaneck, NJ. The addition of CDS Bookkeeping Service, LLC helps us to better serve our growing practice and expand into the New Jersey area. We are enthusiastic about continuing the high level of service and expertise […]

Have You Attended to Your Month-end Checklist?

October 6, 2017 by OSYB Staff

There certainly are some tasks in the running of a small business that few want on their roster of tasks to do and the month-end checklist is probably one of them.  If you’re the accountant, this will be one of the  duties that are vital for you to administer with accuracy and regularity.  Without a […]

Be a Realistic Optimist

October 2, 2017 by Ed Becker

Glass half-empty or glass half-full?  It seems like most people would prefer to be the latter. Isn’t optimism always a great trait to possess?  Intuit Quickbooks shares an interview with Josh Pigford, founder of Baremetrics, that reveals that optimism should be served with a dash of reality. Entrepreneurs are most likely to lean towards optimism, […]

How Are You Notified if Your Website is Down?

September 29, 2017 by OSYB Staff

Very little is more upsetting to a customer, who is ready to purchase a product or service, than unavailability.  If you have an on-line presence, and your website is inaccessible, you have lost potential customers.  Most websites will have a certain amount of downtime but having frequent and unattended inaccessibility quickly become a liability and […]

Be a Successful Human Resources Manager

September 26, 2017 by OSYB Staff

Whether you have a large or small business, the ability to practice strong human resources skills is a boon.  Employees,  are after all, one of your most important assets.   Employee teams working harmoniously together towards a common goal can only improve your business’s success.  Managing people in a business environment can be tricky and complicated, […]

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